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The Best-Laid Plans: A Letter from the Editors

A sheep with its left foreleg raised, below a banner with the inscription "PERSEVERE."
Detail, The bookplate of ABA [?]. From the Houghton Library Bookplate Collection, Harvard College Volume II.

In fall 2018, the current editing team of Harvard Library Bulletin began the project of converting the journal from a subscription-based print publication to online and open access. During those golden autumn days, we looked towards a hazy but pleasant future when the project was over and we could turn our attention to collaborating with colleagues to further the work of the journal.... Read more about The Best-Laid Plans: A Letter from the Editors

Publisher's Note

Close-up of books on four shelves, in disarray.
William Henry Fox Talbot, “Scene in a Library [detail],” 1840. Salt print. Harrison D. Horblit Collection of Early Photography, Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Relaunching Harvard Library Bulletin (HLB) as an online journal presents us with a paradox. As a publication, it is at once a vestige of earlier eras of academic librarianship and scholarly communication, while, in its online form, it will use new approaches and sensibilities to promoting collections... Read more about Publisher's Note